How to Take Care of Your Candle: Maximizing Lifespan and Safety


Practical Guide: How To Take Care of Your Candle Efficiently and Safely?


Don't you just love the cozy feel a well-scented candle brings to your home? But have you taken a moment to ponder on how to take care of your candle? As fascinating as they may be, candles also need special care to maximize their lifespan and maintain safety. So let's delve into the intricate art of candle care, shall we?

How to Take Care of Your Candle

To keep your candles burning brightly and safely, here are some tips to remember:

Trim That Wick

Before even lighting your candle, ensure you trim the wick to about 1/4" using scissors or a wick trimmer. This not only ensures a clean burn but also increases the lifespan of your candle- a win-win move!

Let it Burn

Allowing the wax to evenly melt across the edges of the jar is vital in preventing tunneling, especially during the first burn. So, next time, let it burn and observe the difference!

Safety First

Never allow your candle to burn without supervising it. Limit your candle burning time to 4 hours at most and remember to place your candle on a coaster or tile to protect your surfaces from heat. After all, safety always comes first, right?

Know When to Stop

Burning your candle when only 1/4"-1/2" of wax remains is not advisable since lighting it without enough wax can overheat the jar. So, always remember, know when to stop!

Reuse It!

Just because your candle has burned out doesn't mean you discard the jar. Instead, clean it out and reuse it as a new planter, pencil holder, or whatever suits your fancy. Need more tips on reusing? Read more about it here.


Candle care may seem trivial but following these handy tips can greatly help in maximizing the life of your favorite scented candles while ensuring your safety. Remember, taking care of your candles goes beyond simply lighting them, and these tips ensure just that!

Still have questions on taking care of your candle? Feel free to contact us or view our FAQs for more information about our product care and shipping. Your candle care is our priority!

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