About The Founder



Hey there! I'm Manisha Mahajan, and I'm thrilled to be the founder of Krimaya Glim. As a homemaker and a loving mom to two amazing kids, along with a furry friend, I always felt like I had no time left for myself. It was during this realization that I came to understand how often we overlook self-care and take it for granted. I knew I couldn't be the only one struggling with this, so I started looking for solutions. That's when I came up with Krimaya Glim - a brand that provides easy little moments of relaxation and happiness to anyone with a busy schedule.  As someone who loves fragrances, I knew that our sense of smell could help make our day enjoyable and exciting.  After several trials and errors, I successfully developed captivating scents and transformed them into sustainable candles and essential oil blends for aromatherapy. I'm incredibly proud to share that these products have helped me reconnect with myself, and I truly hope they'll have the same effect on you.